New Technique in Cornea Transplants

New Technique in Cornea Transplants

The eye's cornea, too, is sharing the new-technology spotlight with the retina.

Mary E. Davidian, M.D., a fellowship-trained cornea specialist, refractive surgeon and medical director of Highland Ophthalmology Associates in New Windsor, explains.

Just a few weeks ago, Davidian saw a patient with a disease called Fuch's corneal dystrophy. Fuch's dystrophy, in which the cornea's endothelial, or fluid-pumping, cells are damaged, is the reason for about 80 percent of all corneal transplants. It is an inherited disease.

Q&A With Dr. Mary Davidian: Taking a clear look at treatable cataracts

"Cataracts are the leading cause of visual loss in Americans 65 and older," says Mary Davidian, M.D., founder and medical director of Highland Ophthalmology Associates in New Windsor.

But there's good news: Cataracts are very treatable.

To increase awareness, Highland Ophthalmology is offering free cataract screenings in its new, full-service vision center during August, which is Cataract Awareness Month.

GO Healthy asked Davidian for an overview on symptoms, causes and treatments.

High-Tech Eye Care Right Here At Home

Did you know that fair-skinned people are at higher risk for macular degeneration, and that cataracts will affect everyone if they live long enough? It's impossible for even the most educated consumer to keep abreast of every new revelation or advance in technology. That's why there are specialists.

And Dr. Mary E. Davidian, who founded Highland Ophthalmology Associates in Newburgh a decade ago, wants it known that a patient needn't travel to Manhattan to ensure state-of-the-art care and cutting-edge technology. Davidian and her staff bring Manhattan to Mid-Hudson.

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