Eyes Need A Break?

Eyes Need A Break?

More screen time, more strain

The tasks we use our eyes for have certainly changed. Rather than scanning the forest for the fixings for our next meal, we peruse restaurant reviews on a smartphone to determine where to eat.

But does staring at computer screens and even smaller devices jeopardize our eye health, potentially putting our corneas — the transparent membrane at the front of the eye responsible for transmitting and focusing light — at risk as some recent studies suggest?

Amniotic Membrane For Ocular Inflammation

Amniotic Membrane For Ocular Inflammation

The biological bandage is an emerging option for keratitis, recurrent corneal erosions and more.

Inflammation, the first sign of wound healing, is also the hallmark of all ocular surface diseases. Uncontrolled inflammation leads to chronic pain and discomfort/irritation, delayed healing, more tissue damage and vision-threatening complications such as corneal scarring and haze. Thus, effective control of inflammation is an important strategy to promote healing.

Less Need For Eye Surgery

Living-Tissue Devices Helps Heal Wounds

At first glance, the patient pool that could benefit from this cutting-edge corneal wound-and-healing treatment might seem shallow.

But consider that a leading cause of corneal ulcers is sleeping in contact lenses - even those FDA-approved for round-the-clock wear, says Mary Davidian, M.D., founder and medical director of Highland Ophthalmology Associates in New Windsor - and that potential pool soars.

"I get some of the worst cases referred to me, caused by extremely virulent bacteria sometimes resulting in nonhealing corneal defects and significant scarring," says Davidian, a corneal specialist.

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